"Gourmet" Cheeses

Kastellani is a special tasty proposal  for those who love fine tastes. Ιt is ideal for grill or frying. With respect to the specific demands of our consumers, we also created the "Saltless Kastellani".

Additionally, "Εrythrotyros" belongs to the same category  of "Gourmet" cheeses, having been deeped  for a few days in red wine lees in order to absorb all the aromatic elements needed, to give a unique result as a pure table cheese.

"Kastellani", Vacuum sealed pack 450gr

"Erithrotiros", Vacuum sealed pack 450gr

"Harantini", Vacuum sealed pack 250gr e

"Harantini" cheese...handmade Goat cheese with mint by "PAGONIS". Silver Medal from the "World Cheese Award 2012" in London.
The "Harantini" served with varieties of dry white wines but unique is the combination of "Harantini" with variety of Malagousia. As an alternative to serving also may be accompanied by various jams (strawberry, tomato etc). Only for HORECA market.